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It has also been widely reported that, during the last decade Afghanistan has witnessed an impressive development of the education sector in its totality. Few countries in the world, have achieved such massive gains in access to education over such a short period of time. From a start in 2001 of less than one million students, mainly boys, enrolment now stands at more than 10 million students, of whom almost 4 million are girls. Higher education has grown from 7,900 students in 2001 to more than 77,336 in 2011. Higher education institutions are expanding and growing in Afghanistan and around 50 private institutions are operating in Kabul itself.
Schools.af is managed by FG Consulting Company with one window approach for students, educators, teachers, parents and professionals to search for schools (nursery, primary and high schools, training, language centers and institutes of higher education) in Kabul and provinces of Afghanistan.

Schools.af gives you A to Z information and services about schooling and education in Afghanistan province and region wise.